Local SEO and Google My Business

August 4, 2022 0 Comments


If you're interested in local SEO, it's important to understand the various factors that Google uses to rank local search results. Read this article to learn more about ranking factors and the content you should include in your GMB listing. Next, read about creating a local landing page and verifying your GMB listing. Read more…There's no better way to attract new customers than by offering great service! And finally, don't forget about local SEO: Local SEO includes two fundamental factors: proximity and prominence. Google only displays local results to people who're looking for your services or products.

Ranking factors for local search results

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your website for local search results. The most important of these is the proximity to your searcher's location. For most businesses, moving is not an option. This means understanding how the physical distance to your location affects search engine rankings. In addition to relevant keywords, other factors include dwell time and bounce rate. To increase the prominence of your website, optimize the content around your business location.

A study published in 2021 identified 132 factors that affect local search results. Local SEO experts do not have special access to Google's algorithm, but their study of the factors appears to be based on years of analysis and testing hypotheses. Several factors are weighted more heavily than others. Here are the factors that affect rankings the most. In general, these factors are still fairly low priority, but they are more accurate than others.

Content you should include in your GMB listing

Listed on Google's My Business page, your business's listing should be accurate and visually appealing. Use photos to add visual interest and to convey the experience of visiting your store. Also, include a link to your website, if applicable. The more information you provide about your business, the better your Google My Business listing will rank. However, it's not necessary to include your entire website in your listing.

Reviews play a big role in consumer buying decisions. A majority of consumers read reviews before they make a major purchase. Include your reviews on your Google My Business listing so your listing is seen by more consumers. Jamie White recommends ensuring that your information is consistent. This helps Google recognize your listing as authentic. When a customer leaves a review, be sure to respond to it. A business should respond to all reviews within 24 hours.

Creating a local landing page

If you have a local business, you should consider creating a local landing page for your listing. This type of page will give you the opportunity to market to a local market and get more local customers. To make the most of this type of page, you should begin by writing a good title and SEO description. Use your local keyphrase in your page titles and slugs and in your meta description.

A local landing page is a website created specifically to increase visibility and traffic in a target area. They are typically targeted towards a particular keyword or location and are linked to a business's Google My Business listing. Although the homepage of a website tends to be the most powerful page ranking-wise, it is not always the best page to convert visitors. Additionally, using local landing pages is not a guarantee that your listing will appear on the map pack.

Verifying your GMB listing

To gain higher visibility for your business in local search results, you must verify your GMB listing. A verified listing is more detailed and more likely to generate high-quality traffic and lead conversions. If you do not verify your GMB listing, users may be redirected to false listings and will not get the proper information they are looking for. Besides, an un-verified listing has fewer chances to appear regularly on Google and be highly ranked.

There are five different ways to verify your GMB listing. Some options are only available to certain businesses, so make sure you verify your business first. After verifying your listing, you can claim your existing listing and manage information. The verification process takes about five to seven days. It is a good idea to use these methods if you have an established business. This is the fastest way to increase your business visibility in local search results.